Yep, you heard it!  We have a 15 sofa pileup here in Summerville, SC.  OK, I didn’t really go count them, but really… it’s getting crazy around here!  Staged properties have been flying off the shelf around here.  While this is really good news, the bad news is that our warehouse is filling up again…

summerville home staging 

summerville home staging

Sure, we are still staging… here’s the funny thing though.  We always have marketed ourselves to the main stream client.  We don’t specialize or even advertise for luxury staging… but that’s what every contract seems to be these days.  This means that while we are piled high in sofas, coffee tables and dining room chairs that we don’t quite have what we need for the new luxury properties and we are still having to go buy more stuff!!

It’s really quite amusing to us as only 2 weeks ago the warehouse was completely empty!  We still have 6 more homes of furniture to pick up and another 5 more to stage – but only 1 of those we have the appropriate inventory for….

For First Impressions Home Staging & Interior ReDesign, having inventory is only part of the staging process… having the RIGHT inventory for the homes we stage is the biggest differeniator between us and the competition.  We aren’t going to try to work with whatever we have.  We are going to do what’s right for our client.  This week, that probably means investing in another $20K or so furniture.  That’s just how business works and another part of the secret of our success…  

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